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Working Paper No. 6 on messenger services, data protection and barrier-free communication published

Educational institutions have increasing needs for professional digital communication. What are the special requirements for the use of digital communication software in educational institutions? And what criteria can serve as a basis for decision-making when selecting suitable tools, especially in inclusive contexts? This is the subject of Working Paper No. 6, which has now been published in English. It deals with the issue of data protection and barrier-free communication using the example of messenger services. At the same time, the third, updated edition of the messenger study is now available (in German), which presents the criteria developed in detail and tests selected messenger services for compliance with the GDPR.


Suggested citation:

Zorn, I., Murmann, J. & Harrach-Lasfaghi, A. (2021). Data Protection and Accessibility in Digital Communication - Criteria for the Selection of Messenger Apps for Educational Institutions. Working Paper No. 6 in the framework of the project IDiT – INCLUDING.DIGITAL.TWINS Inclusive mentoring and media skills for rehabilitation students and trainees in commercial professions/vocational training [Working Paper No.6]. Cologne University of Applied Sciences.

Zorn, I., Murmann, J. & Harrach-Lasfaghi, A. (2021). Research of GDPR-compliant messenger apps for educational institutions. Cologne University of Applied Sciences. 3. Ed.